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  • We offer two types of tents here at Party Palace, frame tents or pole tents. Which type of that is needed depends upon the application and the event site. For those installations on patios, asphalt, or concrete, frame tents are generally the best option. However, for many applications, a pole tent is not only preferable, it is the wisest choice, and offers the greatest flexibility and cost effectiveness.
  • How big a tent do I need?Tent size would depend on the number of guests you have and the nature of your function. Our sales staff can assist you in determining the size of tent that you will require. In addition, Read More

Pole Tents Frame Tents
20 to 50 Guests
40 to 70 Guests
50 to 100 Guests
100 to 160 Guests
140 to 210 Guests
195 to 240 Guests
220 to 320 Guests
20 to 50 Guests
40 to 80 Guests
60 to 100 Guests (Rectangle)
60 to 120 Guests (Hexagonal)

100 to 170 Guests
Up to 500 Guests

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