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Banquet Facilities Layouts
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Banquet Facilities Layouts
  • Are you a banquet facilities manager?
  • Do you know how many tables and chairs you can fit if you add "x"? or  add "y"? What about if you add "x" and "y"?
  • Do you want to tell brides what their wedding reception will look like? Or do you want to show them? 
  • Do your party rentals through Party Palace and receive free C.A.D. tent, table, and chair layouts of your facilities 
  • Already own all of your own equipment?
    Custom Layouts are available for purchase nationwide
    "x" and "y" could be any variable like different size dance floor, round vs rectangle tables,DJ states that he needs 12 square
    ft of space, tables facing east/west, or north/south, etc.



Party Palace HomePackagesTentsRental EquipmentOnline Rental ContractBanquet Facilities Layouts