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Does the dance floor that you have in mind snap or lock together? *IF A KEY WRENCH IS NOT USED, THEN IT DOES NOT LOCK TOGETHER*
Our Dance floor Sections lock together

Why does it matter?
  • A floor that locks together does not require a sub floor on most surfaces. Just a layer of plastic underneath the dance floor that is not seen by the customer. This ensures a crisp and smooth edging around the perimeter of the dance floor. No sub flooring sticking out.
  • If grandma is wearing high heals, do you want her dancing on a floor that could come apart? 
Other Advantages
  • Since it locks together the whole dance floor is level.
  • These are 4 ft x 4 ft  framed sections. Therefore they are heavy.  A dance floor section that is not heavy has "give" to it. 
    Our floors are solid and will not give!

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16 ft x 20 ft


16 ft x 16 ft


16 ft x 16 ft



12 ft x 24 ft


12 ft x 12 ft


16 ft x 24 ft

16 ft x 16 ft Dance floor inside
40 ft x 60 ft Pole Tent

Dance Area*                                                   5 sq. ft. per person
                  Musicians/Band (3-piece)                            100 sq. ft. [8' x 12' stage]
                  Musicians/Band (5-piece)                            250 sq. ft. [12' x 20' stage]
                  Musicians/Band (7-piece)                            300 sq. ft. [12' x 24' stage]
                  Musicians/Band (12-piece)                          450 sq. ft. [16' x 28' stage] 
                  DJ Area                                                      200 sq. ft.
                  Food Buffet Lines                                       100 sq. ft. per 50 guests
                  Beverage Service Areas                                50 sq. ft. each


Generally, never more than 50% of the people dance at any time.  Each couple requires about nine square feet.  If you have a party for 200 people (100 couples), 50 couples will be the maximum number dancing.  You need 450 square feet of floor, which equals 28 pieces of 4' x 4' dance floor sections.









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